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Take Charge
101 Ways to Better Your Life

Do you know who you are? Or what great things you are capable of? If not, it's time to find out. On every page of this book you will find ways to learn your potential, create a plan, and create the life you've always wanted and deserve. 

​Price: $12.95

Mentoring 101

When you reached your goals, did people come to you and ask "How did you do it."

They need a good mentor and you'd love to be that person but don't know where to start. Mentoring 101 will guide through all the mentor relationship steps and create a path to help you advise and support your mentee.

Due out by December 1

This guide to effective mentoring is in its final stages of publication. Order now and be the first to receive your copy at the Pre-publication Price.

Pre-publication Price: $19.95

Regular Price: $22.95

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