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Take Charge

coaching, consulting, speaking


It's time to open a window and let the fresh ideas in. It's time to take charge, find new ways, and make a great future. If you and/or your organization is ready, we're committed to meeting your needs.

Let me tell you a secret. People want to be in charge of their lives.


In today's culture. Most don't feel they are.  About half of us hate our jobs, the divorce rate is still 50 percent, average family debt level is $15,000.


Well, it's time to take charge and make a life for the better.

Sometimes you just need someone to see your life, nonprofit or business from a different perspective. We can provide that "A ha" moment you're looking for.


Life's not a mystery. It's a process. The process for success is waiting for you to discover, follow, and celebrate. Let us show you how.


Is your energy level scraping the bottom of the barrel. We'll give you the tools to climb to the top.


Are you looking for more funds for your nonprofit. We offer grant writing services. 

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